Mercedes Benz X-Class 350d 4MATIC  – Pick-up truck like no other

It is not every time that people stop to admire a pick-up truck and probably long to experience what it is like to be behind the wheels and take it on a cruise. The demand for luxury pick-up trucks is rising by the day especially in the UK, this shows that even for commercial use, the thirst for comfort and class has never dropped. And we are talking about no other than the Mercedes-Benz X-class 350d 4MATIC 2018. Before this make, people had greatly anticipated the Benz X-class as that was the only option of a four-cylinder diesel engine, with a powerful 3.0 litre, V6 engine, the solidness of Mercedes and a lush interior to sweep you off your feet.

It is surprising that this is Mercedes’ first attempt at a pick-up truck, yet we know that the Mercedes barely falls short of expectations in their creation. Karl Benz and Daimler AG has made a huge global mark since its onset of the automobile company which began in Stuttgart Germany in the year 1883 and ever since manufactured a wide range of automobiles from Trucks, Buses, luxury vehicles, Internal combustion engines, and vans. it’s company has been established in as many countries as Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bosnia, brazil, Canada, china, Finland, Columbia, India, Malaysia, Iran, Mexico, Russia, US, UK, Taiwan, Vietnam, Spain, turkey, south Korea, Nigeria and south Africa.

The Benz X-class’s highly capable engine produces 255bhp and 406lb ft. and a top speed of 127mph. Its driver-focused features draw the attention of SUV owners to it, the seven-speed automatic gearbox has wheel-mounted paddle shifters and it has different drive modes which is suitable for off-road driving. The Eco mode is built specially for inside city driving. There is the sport mode which is built for the conditions associated with racing. Its comfortability is beyond what is expected from a pick-up truck and for this reason, even SUV owners would consider going for it.

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