How to properly Clean You Aftermarket Automotive Wheels

Going for luxurious wheels come with some responsibilities – but hey, some of these are so pretty, it’s totally worth the sweat. To take good care of your car wheels, you need to understand which category your wheels fall into. There are 3 major kinds of car wheels and as they differ, so does the kind of care they require. We have the following types

  • Chrome plated wheels – The chrome plated wheels are specially created with up to four layers. The first layer is copper which acts as a base, the second layer is the semi-bright nickel and the third layer is the bright nickel layer, the chrome is the final layer finish which is thin and finer than the previous layers but is the most resistant to road and brake dust. the kind of wheels usually go with 2 or 3 years warranty during purchase, however this warranty does not mean that if they aren’t well cared for and as a result encounter damage, the manufactures will change them for new ones. The best way to take care of your chrome plated wheels is to have then cleaned with chrome cleaner at least every 2-3 weeks, although a soft brush or cloth, soap and water is adequate for cleaning the chrome plated wheel and after cleaning, use a wheel polish to give it a shine.


  • Painted finish – in manufacturing the paint finish wheel, the makers either use the powder paint or the liquid paint. However, the liquid paint often comes out better and more durable than the powder paint. The best kinds of painted finish wheels are those with the combination of the powder paint and the liquid paint. You can take care of this type of wheel by cleaning with a soft brush or piece of cloth, soap and water. Remember to rinse away brake dust before cleaning with a brush or cloth in order to avoid abrasion.


  • Polished aluminium – this might take a little more effort than the rest, since there is no coating on this wheel it has tendencies to loose shine overtime, especially in a place where there is too much moisture in the climate, in order to keep it shining, you need elbow grease or other aluminium polishing products and a lot of hard work.


  • Machine finish aluminium wheel – This type is cleaned with soap, water and soft brush and is maintained just the same way as the painted wheel.

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