DODGE TOMAHAWK- fastest motorbike in the world Or Hoax?

Speed is a force that must be wielded with extreme caution; even though in the automotive world the need for speed grows by the second. Motorbike and vehicle enthusiasts are always thrilled to view new releases, and as far as motorbike and speed goes, one name has captured the fascination of the automotive industry; the Dodge Tomahawk Motorbike.

For those who are unfamiliar with this phantom, the Dodge is only the fastest motorbike in the world, with a wind breaking speed of 420 mph. this speed demon was unveiled in 2003 and only 9 of them has been sold.

The controversy behind this speedster is that it is way too fast to be on the road. Reviews from enthusiasts have established that the dodge cannot exactly be referred to as a motorcycle as it runs on four wheels; rather it has been likened to a slim one-seat topless car with time travel abilities. The controversies also contested the speed of the Dodge as inconclusive as no real test has been conducted to prove this. Some views went further to state that it was impossible for a rider to maintain balance on the Dodge at its full speed as the wind-build would definitely disengage its rider from seat- “no rider wants to take that risk with the Dodge as there is no security measure”.

The Dodge Tomahawk features V-10 SRT 10 Dodge viper engine with 8.3 liter capacity, it hoards a maximum power of 500hp. It comes with two rear wheels and two front wheels, 2-speed manual transmission, maximum torque of 712nm at 4200rpm, and can break 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.5 seconds!

In spite of controversies and personal bias the specs of the dodge tomahawk speaks volumes. There may never be a faster motorbike…its mechanically impossible. As of the moment, let’s give an applaud to current and undisputed speed demon- ‘Dodge Tomahawk’

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