Bugatti Chiron: The need for speed

Just like when a supermodel steps into a place, all attention veers to her, except of course if there is a Bugatti Chiron in the same place – then it is guaranteed that all including the supermodel will be lost in awe at the incredible beauty of this masterpiece.  You might wonder, why cars like this are so rated highly, certainly, in luxury cars there’s far beyond the quest for conveyance where in lies the reason for the crazy price tag on them.  The Bugatti Chiron for instance is a rare breed luxury car, a chef d’oeuvre in its class which only the wealthy could conveniently possess. It’s the sort of acquisition that uplifts your garage or any parking lot at that with its sophisticated design. The high class love to be in a sort of ride that reflects the size of their pockets, but that’s not all, rarity is something that attracts the wealthy. Many of these sorts of cars sell out in auctions even before it reaches the public, and those who have acquired it early enough feel extremely lucky, not to mention the pleasure gotten from the fanciful sleekness.


So what’s more about the Bugatti Chiron? Bugatti cars are always a cynosure, agreed, but when the company came up with the latest Bugatti Chiron, they made sure that they were fulfilling the demands for the fastest, most powerful luxury sports car. The make I a sequel to Veyron supercars but much more advanced and more powerful than the Veyron. This speeding luxury machine produces a high speed of 268 mph. It uses a highly capacitated 8.0 litre, turbocharged W-16 engine, and boasts a solid 1500 horsepower which greatly challenges the supersport. For the purpose of safety – while you might be tempted to take full advantage of its near-flight speed – the top speed has been limited to 261mph while the real top speed hasn’t yet been tested. This incredible car is currently priced at $2.7 million at a current rate of exchange, but is estimated to hit $3 million just before it gets to the market.

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