How to properly Clean You Aftermarket Automotive Wheels

Going for luxurious wheels come with some responsibilities – but hey, some of these are so pretty, it’s totally worth the sweat. To take good care of your car wheels, you need to understand which category your wheels fall into. There are 3 major kinds of car wheels and as they differ, so does the kind of care they require. We have the following types

  • Chrome plated wheels – The chrome plated wheels are specially created with up to four layers. The first layer is copper which acts as a base, the second layer is the semi-bright nickel and the third layer is the bright nickel layer, the chrome is the final layer finish which is thin and finer than the previous layers but is the most resistant to road and brake dust. the kind of wheels usually go with 2 or 3 years warranty during purchase, however this warranty does not mean that if they aren’t well cared for and as a result encounter damage, the manufactures will change them for new ones. The best way to take care of your chrome plated wheels is to have then cleaned with chrome cleaner at least every 2-3 weeks, although a soft brush or cloth, soap and water is adequate for cleaning the chrome plated wheel and after cleaning, use a wheel polish to give it a shine.


  • Painted finish – in manufacturing the paint finish wheel, the makers either use the powder paint or the liquid paint. However, the liquid paint often comes out better and more durable than the powder paint. The best kinds of painted finish wheels are those with the combination of the powder paint and the liquid paint. You can take care of this type of wheel by cleaning with a soft brush or piece of cloth, soap and water. Remember to rinse away brake dust before cleaning with a brush or cloth in order to avoid abrasion.


  • Polished aluminium – this might take a little more effort than the rest, since there is no coating on this wheel it has tendencies to loose shine overtime, especially in a place where there is too much moisture in the climate, in order to keep it shining, you need elbow grease or other aluminium polishing products and a lot of hard work.


  • Machine finish aluminium wheel – This type is cleaned with soap, water and soft brush and is maintained just the same way as the painted wheel.


Many people believe that what really makes a good car is the engine, they are not very far from the truth, while a pretty looking car may get all the admiration and make people want to acquire them, but the real deal is actually the engine – the brain and powerhouse of the car that makes it truly outstanding. Since people are also out for optimum performance, the potential power of a car engine is never undermined. Infact, the manufacturing of these engines have become competitive between different automobile brands and is being upgraded in newer car versions to fulfil the demands of the people. The 10 best 2018 engines in the world were chosen out of the endless list of various modern cars and these chosen included internal combustion, fuel cell, electric and hybrid drive technology. The picks are rather a fine mishmash of car brands and their abilities.

  1. Chevrolet Bolt with a 150-KW electric propulsion system. The impressive machine has a powerful engine that delivers an awesome drive unit for a 238-mile range, has an exciting acceleration and torque power delivery.
  2. The Ford Mustang GT of 5.0 litre, DOHC V8 is remarkable for its fuel saving abilities and ultra-performance. It was newly redesigned from its former version.
  3. Now hush, do hear the sound of the Ford F-150 coming? Not at all. Now that’s the whole point! The Ford F-150 has got a 2.7 litre, Twin-Turbo, Eco boost V6 engine that is impossibly silent. Its stop/start system is unnoticeable, notoriously quiet and the idle-mode is vibration free.
  4. The Honda Clarity is a 130-KW fuel cell with an electric propulsion system – this sweet ride is also a silent runner engine and built to match up the dynamism of sporting even down to its tires.
  5. The Honda Civic Type R with 2.0 litre, turbo-charged, VTEC four cylinder brags a 306 horsepower with a highly impressive overall performance.
  6. The Jaguar XF with 2.0 litre ,Ingenium turbocharged inline four cylinder has an outstanding overall performance to give its driver high confidence.
  7. The Kia Stinger with a 3.3 litre twin-turbo V6 engine is simply magical. It’s also silent with an awesome overall road performance.
  8. The Infiniti Q50’s 3.0 litres, twin-turbo, VR V6 engine runs 60 mph in less than 5 seconds and its acceleration is superb.
  9. The Toyota Camry Hybrid with a 2.5 litre Atkinson cycle four-cylinder uses a hybrid drive system and endlessly passes power. Its road performance is generally outstanding.
  10. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with a 3.6 litre, Pentastar V6 engine and uses a plug-in hybrid drive system – a perfect car engine for a speedy, long distance drive.




Mercedes Benz X-Class 350d 4MATIC  – Pick-up truck like no other

It is not every time that people stop to admire a pick-up truck and probably long to experience what it is like to be behind the wheels and take it on a cruise. The demand for luxury pick-up trucks is rising by the day especially in the UK, this shows that even for commercial use, the thirst for comfort and class has never dropped. And we are talking about no other than the Mercedes-Benz X-class 350d 4MATIC 2018. Before this make, people had greatly anticipated the Benz X-class as that was the only option of a four-cylinder diesel engine, with a powerful 3.0 litre, V6 engine, the solidness of Mercedes and a lush interior to sweep you off your feet.

It is surprising that this is Mercedes’ first attempt at a pick-up truck, yet we know that the Mercedes barely falls short of expectations in their creation. Karl Benz and Daimler AG has made a huge global mark since its onset of the automobile company which began in Stuttgart Germany in the year 1883 and ever since manufactured a wide range of automobiles from Trucks, Buses, luxury vehicles, Internal combustion engines, and vans. it’s company has been established in as many countries as Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bosnia, brazil, Canada, china, Finland, Columbia, India, Malaysia, Iran, Mexico, Russia, US, UK, Taiwan, Vietnam, Spain, turkey, south Korea, Nigeria and south Africa.

The Benz X-class’s highly capable engine produces 255bhp and 406lb ft. and a top speed of 127mph. Its driver-focused features draw the attention of SUV owners to it, the seven-speed automatic gearbox has wheel-mounted paddle shifters and it has different drive modes which is suitable for off-road driving. The Eco mode is built specially for inside city driving. There is the sport mode which is built for the conditions associated with racing. Its comfortability is beyond what is expected from a pick-up truck and for this reason, even SUV owners would consider going for it.

Bugatti Chiron: The need for speed

Just like when a supermodel steps into a place, all attention veers to her, except of course if there is a Bugatti Chiron in the same place – then it is guaranteed that all including the supermodel will be lost in awe at the incredible beauty of this masterpiece.  You might wonder, why cars like this are so rated highly, certainly, in luxury cars there’s far beyond the quest for conveyance where in lies the reason for the crazy price tag on them.  The Bugatti Chiron for instance is a rare breed luxury car, a chef d’oeuvre in its class which only the wealthy could conveniently possess. It’s the sort of acquisition that uplifts your garage or any parking lot at that with its sophisticated design. The high class love to be in a sort of ride that reflects the size of their pockets, but that’s not all, rarity is something that attracts the wealthy. Many of these sorts of cars sell out in auctions even before it reaches the public, and those who have acquired it early enough feel extremely lucky, not to mention the pleasure gotten from the fanciful sleekness.


So what’s more about the Bugatti Chiron? Bugatti cars are always a cynosure, agreed, but when the company came up with the latest Bugatti Chiron, they made sure that they were fulfilling the demands for the fastest, most powerful luxury sports car. The make I a sequel to Veyron supercars but much more advanced and more powerful than the Veyron. This speeding luxury machine produces a high speed of 268 mph. It uses a highly capacitated 8.0 litre, turbocharged W-16 engine, and boasts a solid 1500 horsepower which greatly challenges the supersport. For the purpose of safety – while you might be tempted to take full advantage of its near-flight speed – the top speed has been limited to 261mph while the real top speed hasn’t yet been tested. This incredible car is currently priced at $2.7 million at a current rate of exchange, but is estimated to hit $3 million just before it gets to the market.

DODGE TOMAHAWK- fastest motorbike in the world Or Hoax?

Speed is a force that must be wielded with extreme caution; even though in the automotive world the need for speed grows by the second. Motorbike and vehicle enthusiasts are always thrilled to view new releases, and as far as motorbike and speed goes, one name has captured the fascination of the automotive industry; the Dodge Tomahawk Motorbike.

For those who are unfamiliar with this phantom, the Dodge is only the fastest motorbike in the world, with a wind breaking speed of 420 mph. this speed demon was unveiled in 2003 and only 9 of them has been sold.

The controversy behind this speedster is that it is way too fast to be on the road. Reviews from enthusiasts have established that the dodge cannot exactly be referred to as a motorcycle as it runs on four wheels; rather it has been likened to a slim one-seat topless car with time travel abilities. The controversies also contested the speed of the Dodge as inconclusive as no real test has been conducted to prove this. Some views went further to state that it was impossible for a rider to maintain balance on the Dodge at its full speed as the wind-build would definitely disengage its rider from seat- “no rider wants to take that risk with the Dodge as there is no security measure”.

The Dodge Tomahawk features V-10 SRT 10 Dodge viper engine with 8.3 liter capacity, it hoards a maximum power of 500hp. It comes with two rear wheels and two front wheels, 2-speed manual transmission, maximum torque of 712nm at 4200rpm, and can break 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.5 seconds!

In spite of controversies and personal bias the specs of the dodge tomahawk speaks volumes. There may never be a faster motorbike…its mechanically impossible. As of the moment, let’s give an applaud to current and undisputed speed demon- ‘Dodge Tomahawk’